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VEGAN  100% Organic, wild-crafted Sea Moss superfood:Use as skin gel helping reduce fine lines, eczema, acne reducer, even skin tone Sea moss:Contains 92 of 102 minerals and vitamins the body needs.ADD 2 tablespoons to any meal for optimal nutrition. For your Body: Sea Moss contains the benefits of vitamins A, B, C,D,E, G,K. A chemical compound found in Sea Moss serves as a microbial agent that aids in the body’s blood filtration process to eliminate germs and bacteria. Sea Moss is rich in Potassium Iodide which is great for dissolving phlegm in clogged airways, which helps with the symptoms of the common cold & Flu as a natural decongestant. Seamoss is great as a pre-workout energy booster!Add 1-2 table spoons to your smoothie, green juice, yogurt, oatmeal, you name it!!! You will be glad you did...100% Vegan 100% Organic 100% CrueltyFree 🐢


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  • The product is naturally preserved; Some discoloration my appear due to natural proccess. Sea Moss Glowing Gel Must be refrigerated our fresh products should be used up to one month after purchase.  

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